“Urban Space” intends to show that even in the most bleak, manufactured landscape one can find escape from manmade constructs and be reminded of a greater cosmic reality. Living in Los Angeles, where freeways criss-cross acres of paved earth, there is little respite from dense urban sprawl. However, a formidable swath cuts through the heart of the city that is devoid of people and clutter. The wide industrial gape of the L.A. River channels water and polluted runoff for miles, but there is a hidden transcendence to be found along its inhospitable banks. Even when the river is constrained to a sliver I can still see the greater forces of nature shining through. In these moments where sky meets water, perspective shifts as visions of deep space appear within the organic splay of residue on this concrete canvas. During this time I am transported and filled with an astral wonder far from the world we have built.
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